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Living, breathing, copywriting


Words. They’re creative. They’re memorable. They’re sparked by an urge to sell an idea and driven by a desire to inspire.

They’re plucked from our copywriters’ keyboards and delivered to your customers’ minds. They’re embedded in slogans. They’re articles in magazines. They’re crafted into websites. They’re the essence of the leaflet in your client’s hands.

Words are what a copywriter feeds on. And words are what a copywriter breathes out.

Spoon Media’s commitment to copywriting means we’re passionate about providing words that mean more than the sum of their parts. We’re keen on sales without the obvious hard sell. Information that’s easy to digest. A perceptible style that talks to your customers on their level. A bespoke written package tailored to meet your individual needs.

From ads to brochures, from tag lines to complete websites, Spoon Media’s copywriters will take your company’s voice and engage readers in a compelling yet entertaining reason to buy your product or service.

We’ll use our words to say you’re great.

Words plucked from our copywriters’ keyboards and delivered to your customers’ minds

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Heavenly Metal

Company profile

Upcycling, urban cool, vintage industrial furniture specialist, dedicated to rummaging around for heavenly finds.

Project information

That swoopy, swanky, mid-century-modern sofa in Spoon Media’s meeting room has a lot to answer for… We simply can’t resist a stylish new project, and when it’s as funky as Heavenly Metal’s steampunk-inspired e-commerce website, we’re passionate about providing trendy proposals that echo this fresh new firm’s achingly cool appearance. If only our design studio looked this chic.

Spoon Media’s services to Heavenly Metal

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Building Chemicals Online

Company profile

Online mail-order building supplies specialist, supplying trade and DIYers with building chemicals at affordable prices.

Project information

If your cellar is leaking in water like a paper umbrella and local builders’ merchants are all a bit useless, you need a reliable mail-order supplier of damp proofing products and tanking slurry. Building Chemicals Online realised a waterproof way to plug holes in its marketing strategy was to enlist the services of Spoon Media. So we built up a trade-strength e-commerce website and laid the foundations for a future household name. A proper grand design!

Spoon Media’s services to Building Chemicals Online

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Guy Robertson Horsemanship

Company profile

Guy Robertson Horsemanship provides training for horse and rider, specialising in behavioural problems and breaking of young horses.

Project information

You know those projects that seem simply perfect? The type that’s surely just made for your company? The sort of work that’s so apt that it seems more like a hobby? Well, when Spoon Media’s creative director Sarah Mortimer happens to be a hippomaniac (that’s an equine obsessive, in case you were wondering), you can imagine how happy she was to design a patriotic new logo for her favourite horse trainer…

Spoon Media’s services to Guy Robertson