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Content management systems

E-commerce and internet marketing may sound like web development geekery, but the power to produce your own website could be at your fingertips.

Use of a content management system (CMS) means it’s now even easier than ever to achieve expert results. You don’t need to know HTML or XML, and you don’t have to worry about Dreamweaver or any other technical-sounding terminology.

Using a content management system you’ll be able to control, update and add to your own website as often as you like. Whether you’re writing blog posts, changing content or uploading products on an e-commerce online shop, a CMS lets you make your own alterations – without needing to pay a web developer to do it for you.

Best of all, a content management system means instant results at any time of day or night. With a reliable platform and user-friendly interface it’s simple to create content, leaving you in complete control of your own website.

Does that mean we build template websites?

No. We build your website just like any other – we prefer it to be completely bespoke, but often use Wordpress programming as the back-end (which can be seen only by you). Wordpress is a content management system that allows the client easier access to some or all of the content. It's fully expandable for your specific requirements, using readily available plug-ins or customised code.

So why Wordpress and not Joomla or some other system? In our opinion, Wordpress is the best. With millions of people – from beginners to web development experts – using the Wordpress platform, and thousands of developers continually coding plug-ins, Wordpress is constantly evolving. That means your site can stay up-to-date easier than on other platforms, and you’ll always be able to retain control.

With Wordpress it’s also practical for us to retrofit a content management system to your existing website. Perhaps you already have a perfect website, but if it was built without a CMS platform we’re happy to add one for you.

How does CMS work?

A content management system looks just like any other website. We design the way your website should look, we build the website for you, we integrate a content management system and we incorporate any functionality you require. And then it’s over to you.

Well, not quite. We offer full training and support, and we’re able to design your CMS website for your own ability or preferences. While some clients wish to take full control of their website’s content, others are happier to restrict access to limited parts of the site – just in case power corrupts…

CMS users are provided with a straightforward online control panel and secure login details, from which they can manage as much or as little of their website as they like. Full control, part control or no control, it’s really up to you.

Content management

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying a content management system such as Wordpress or Joomla is ideal for everyone. Indeed, many business owners agree that updating websites is a job for experts, allowing them to retain their time for what they do best.

Similarly, if you need a simple website that doesn't require many regular updates, or you need a complete ready-packaged product – possibly including SEO copywriting, photography, illustrations or image retouching – Spoon Media can arrange and manage the entire web design project on your behalf.

Or perhaps you already have a CMS website but you’re finding it over-complicated, an ineffective use of your abilities or simply not your kind of thing. Don't worry, you're not alone; all websites – whether they include a content managed system or not – still require some computer skills. Not everyone is cut out to be a web geek!

If that’s the case, we’re happy to import your content management system and either convert it to our own preferred platform or take control of the entire website.

Whatever happens, you’ll remain in control.

With a CMS it’s simple to create content, leaving you in complete control of your own website.

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Heavenly Metal

Company profile

Upcycling, urban cool, vintage industrial furniture specialist, dedicated to rummaging around for heavenly finds.

Project information

That swoopy, swanky, mid-century-modern sofa in Spoon Media’s meeting room has a lot to answer for… We simply can’t resist a stylish new project, and when it’s as funky as Heavenly Metal’s steampunk-inspired e-commerce website, we’re passionate about providing trendy proposals that echo this fresh new firm’s achingly cool appearance. If only our design studio looked this chic.

Spoon Media’s services to Heavenly Metal

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Building Chemicals Online

Company profile

Online mail-order building supplies specialist, supplying trade and DIYers with building chemicals at affordable prices.

Project information

If your cellar is leaking in water like a paper umbrella and local builders’ merchants are all a bit useless, you need a reliable mail-order supplier of damp proofing products and tanking slurry. Building Chemicals Online realised a waterproof way to plug holes in its marketing strategy was to enlist the services of Spoon Media. So we built up a trade-strength e-commerce website and laid the foundations for a future household name. A proper grand design!

Spoon Media’s services to Building Chemicals Online

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Guy Robertson Horsemanship

Company profile

Guy Robertson Horsemanship provides training for horse and rider, specialising in behavioural problems and breaking of young horses.

Project information

You know those projects that seem simply perfect? The type that’s surely just made for your company? The sort of work that’s so apt that it seems more like a hobby? Well, when Spoon Media’s creative director Sarah Mortimer happens to be a hippomaniac (that’s an equine obsessive, in case you were wondering), you can imagine how happy she was to design a patriotic new logo for her favourite horse trainer…

Spoon Media’s services to Guy Robertson