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SEO far, SEO good…

22 October 2013

SEO copywriting. So, what’s that all about? SEO stands for search engine optimisation – the process of ensuring your website is not only visible to search engines (Google, Bing and such like) but ranks higher in the listings than your competitors.

Now, that’s easier said than done. Search engines take into account all kinds of contributory factors – including links, region, social media, trustworthiness and so on. Relying on only one method means commercial wrist-slitting.

Today, there’s an abundance of pure SEO (and SEM – search engine marketing) experts touting for your business. And it’s fair to say they’re capable of promoting your company with enough statistics, links, AdWords and geekery to get your rankings on the up.

But, let’s be honest, most of their tricks and techniques don’t look good. Many methods are clumsy, most spoil the precious design, and some are so naughty that they’ll get your website banned from Google. Not good…

Worse still are the hundreds of overseas so-called SEO specialists whose first language isn’t even English. With search engines now requiring authentic content, and customers needing to read engaging information for that all-important click-through rate, it’s essential for your site to focus on original content. Without it you’ll struggle to be seen – and that’s before worrying about converting those rankings into sales.

Really, what’s the point in getting loads of links if your site flows badly, looks awful and no one sticks around to read it?

So, what about this SEO copywriting stuff? Why is it any different? Well, there’s the thing: at a first glance, you might not even know there’s anything going on at all. The key to SEO copywriting is to promote your product (or service, or thoughts, or whatever it is your website is supporting) without being obvious.

Like all good copywriting, the words should flow like a great story – entertaining and informing the reader rather than battering their eyes with a hard sell.

Plus, in the case of SEO copywriting, the content should include all those little words and phrases that tell a search engine it’s looking in the right place.

So, imagine you need an SEO copywriter in North Lincolnshire – maybe in Lincoln, Kirton Lindsey, Gainsborough or Scunthorpe. What would you type into Google? Well, ‘SEO copywriter North Lincs’ makes sense, as does ‘north Lincolnshire copywriting’ or ‘Lincoln copywriter’. Lo and behold, Google would show you some suitable sites for copywriters in Lincolnshire.

To make our website produce some matching results, we’d be sure to include the phrase ‘copywriter North Lincs’ within the on-page copy, along with other relevant keywords – such as Lincoln, Lincs or Kirton Lindsey. Crucially, though, we’d slip the words naturally into sentences, rather than hammering them in with a dirty great crow bar.

We’d also be careful to avoid too much repetition. Many SEO providers still make the mistake of keyword stuffing, which overloads the copy with incessant use of their most important words and phrases. Not only does it potentially harm Google rankings, keyword stuffing makes the page horrible to read and generally unpleasant to look at. And that turns away potential customers. Remember: the longer they spend on your site, the more likely they are to bookmark it and come back to you again.

The best answer, then, is to think of SEO copywriting as you would imagine the need for a copywriter for print. Your promotional materials should read clearly, enjoyably and informatively, and they should be targeted towards your customer. And without a professional copywriter, you could be missing out on an unbeatable marketing tool. Can you afford to take that chance?


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With Walter’s you’re right at home. Spoon Media’s theme for Lincoln estate agent Walter’s immediately lets you know you’re dealing with a company you can trust – in this case the longest-established estate agent in Lincoln.

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When you’re working with a successful brand that’s been around for longer than two centuries, you can’t take any chances. Which was why Spoon Media’s gentle rebranding and carefully tweaked logo were the perfect counterbalance to an all-new, ultra-clean website with full content management, SEO copywriting and property search facilities incorporating bespoke MySQL databases. Needless to say, Walter’s new customers came very quickly indeed.

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Quest-eeze is a one-stop country store, animal feed retailer and online equestrian shop. Based in Lincolnshire, Quest-eeze supplies everything for the pet owner, horse rider and farmer on a local or national level.

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Spoon Media loves animals even more than our Apple Mac computers, so Quest-eeze was a natural business partner. Picking up a part-started website and semi-established brand allowed us to make our own little mark on Lincolnshire’s loveliest pet shop, extending to a complete online shop with secure payments and delivery database.

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