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Get mobile or get gone

11 March 2015

Is your website mobile-friendly?

We don’t mean does it give your iPhone a hug. We mean do you have a specific custom-built mobile version of your website, or has your site been made responsive to enable easy access for mobile phones and tablets?

Traditionally, websites were designed to be shown on desktop or laptop computers, where the screen size is generally 12in or more. Opening such a site on a tiny smartphone screen – even the giant iPhone 6 Plus has a mere 5.5in display – means loads of scrolling around the page to see zoomed-in text.

It’s infuriating, and it means readers swap to a rival’s site rather than struggling with yours. It’s also potentially damaging to your site’s search engine rankings. And, from 21 April this year, it’s going to get worse. Much, much worse.

From 21 April 2015, Google rankings are going to be dependent on whether or not your site is mobile-friendly. And that means all of your site – not just the home page and a few others of your choosing.

If not, your site’s going to slide down the rankings faster than the BBC can suspend embarrassing TV presenters.

And, before too long, it’s likely that Google (and other search engines) will build completely separate indexes for mobile sites – meaning you’ve even more need to be mobile-friendly.

But fear not, there’s a solution.

Spoon Media has been building mobile-friendly websites for the past couple of years. We prefer responsive websites (which, basically, mean your site resizes to fit onto smartphone or tablet screens) but we’re also happy to create complete mobile-specific websites too.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, if you’re an exiting client, you may already have a mobile-friendly website – check it out on your smartphone screen and let us know, or try Google’s handy tool by clicking here. If it’s not mobile-friendly, we’ll be able to rebuild or optimise your site to keep it where you belong – high in Google’s rankings.

And if you’re not already one of Spoon Media’s treasured customers, now’s your chance to enlist the greatest web designers in Lincolnshire. So drop us a line, give us your site and get mobile.


Posted by Dan.

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X Walter's Lincolnshire


Company profile

With Walter’s you’re right at home. Spoon Media’s theme for Lincoln estate agent Walter’s immediately lets you know you’re dealing with a company you can trust – in this case the longest-established estate agent in Lincoln.

Project information

When you’re working with a successful brand that’s been around for longer than two centuries, you can’t take any chances. Which was why Spoon Media’s gentle rebranding and carefully tweaked logo were the perfect counterbalance to an all-new, ultra-clean website with full content management, SEO copywriting and property search facilities incorporating bespoke MySQL databases. Needless to say, Walter’s new customers came very quickly indeed.

Spoon Media’s services to Walter's include:

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Company profile

Quest-eeze is a one-stop country store, animal feed retailer and online equestrian shop. Based in Lincolnshire, Quest-eeze supplies everything for the pet owner, horse rider and farmer on a local or national level.

Project information

Spoon Media loves animals even more than our Apple Mac computers, so Quest-eeze was a natural business partner. Picking up a part-started website and semi-established brand allowed us to make our own little mark on Lincolnshire’s loveliest pet shop, extending to a complete online shop with secure payments and delivery database.

Spoon Media’s services to Quest-eeze include: