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Join the dots!

27 October 2014

Sponsor a spot with Driving Works and you’ll be helping the BBC’s Children In Need charity. Lincoln driving school Driving Works is getting generous supporters to sign their names on brightly-coloured stickers attached to instructor Martin Wake’s Ford Fiesta. In exchange they’re asked to give £5 to the worthy cause. The dotty fundraising forms part [...]

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Rhyme beyond reason

17 October 2014

Which advert do you hate more than any other? The ad that comes on TV and just ruins your day? Most seem to think the singing GoCompare idiot or those 40 seconds of faux-techno from the old We Buy Any Car ad are as bad as it gets. We disagree. For us, advertising reached its [...]

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In/direct advantage

10 October 2014

Killer headlines are an essential part of your ads (Stop! Read this!). So at some point you might want to have a go at writing one. But how do you go about writing advertising headlines that stand out, deliver your message and are more persuasive than Derren Brown with chocolates? The good news is you can [...]

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Stop! Read this!

2 October 2014

What can you do in five seconds? Open a sandwich? Check every pocket until you find that errant tenner? Count to five very slowly? How about selling £1,000-worth of your product? What about £10,000? Even more, maybe? It’s widely acknowledged that your average ad has just five seconds to grab your readers’ interest. That’s it. [...]

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Capital offences – the case against initial capitals

23 September 2014

Are you Important? We mean, are you Really Important? Are you so Important that your Job Title needs to be laid out with Initial Capital Letters? You are? Well that’s great. But if you’re so Vitally Important, why not write your Job Title completely in CAPITAL LETTERS? Doesn’t that make you look Even More Important? [...]

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Write it yourself

19 September 2014

Do you need an editor or proofreader? More to the point, do you know you need a subeditor or proofreader? If you’re writing your own promotional materials, producing content for your website or creating posts on social media, you may well be doing a brilliant job. You perhaps achieved an A in English Language and [...]

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Superstar subeditors

12 September 2014

Copyeditors are like movie directors – sitting silently behind the scenes with power at their fingertips to make someone a star. But unlike the Steven Spielbergs of this world, copyeditors and subeditors rarely see the glory or recognition of their work. Editors are more likely to be forgotten and cast aside than even the folk [...]

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Aitch Ee Ell Pee!

21 August 2014

Don’t drop your aitches. We’ve all heard someone saying it – usually a picky parent to an errant offspring. Perhaps a teacher parading in front of the class, preaching good grammar and decent behaviour to 30 kids who couldn’t care less. Yet, despite all the snobbish stammering and deliberate ignorance, some of those phrases and [...]

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Sizzling summer

1 August 2014

Is it really August already? It seems like only two minutes since Spoon Media’s web design desk was introducing our latest clients and enticing new projects. Needless to say, work is well under way to create some seriously sparkling websites and a couple of eye-catching new brands. Retro furniture specialist Heavenly Metal has just opened shop, [...]

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Spring has sprung

3 April 2014

Spring is already proving to be a refreshing season for Spoon Media, with an engaging variety of new clients and existing projects to keep our keyboards (and Mac mice) busy. Among our recent assignments, we’re busy rebranding renowned horse trainer Guy Robertson, we’ve produced a logo design for Horizon Consulting, we’ve provided a basic content-managed [...]

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Heavenly Metal

Company profile

Upcycling, urban cool, vintage industrial furniture specialist, dedicated to rummaging around for heavenly finds.

Project information

That swoopy, swanky, mid-century-modern sofa in Spoon Media’s meeting room has a lot to answer for… We simply can’t resist a stylish new project, and when it’s as funky as Heavenly Metal’s steampunk-inspired e-commerce website, we’re passionate about providing trendy proposals that echo this fresh new firm’s achingly cool appearance. If only our design studio looked this chic.

Spoon Media’s services to Heavenly Metal

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Building Chemicals Online

Company profile

Online mail-order building supplies specialist, supplying trade and DIYers with building chemicals at affordable prices.

Project information

If your cellar is leaking in water like a paper umbrella and local builders’ merchants are all a bit useless, you need a reliable mail-order supplier of damp proofing products and tanking slurry. Building Chemicals Online realised a waterproof way to plug holes in its marketing strategy was to enlist the services of Spoon Media. So we built up a trade-strength e-commerce website and laid the foundations for a future household name. A proper grand design!

Spoon Media’s services to Building Chemicals Online

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Guy Robertson Horsemanship

Company profile

Guy Robertson Horsemanship provides training for horse and rider, specialising in behavioural problems and breaking of young horses.

Project information

You know those projects that seem simply perfect? The type that’s surely just made for your company? The sort of work that’s so apt that it seems more like a hobby? Well, when Spoon Media’s creative director Sarah Mortimer happens to be a hippomaniac (that’s an equine obsessive, in case you were wondering), you can imagine how happy she was to design a patriotic new logo for her favourite horse trainer…

Spoon Media’s services to Guy Robertson