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The next dimension – 3D architectural design

22 April 2016

The next dimension in Spoon Media’s design services, we’re now offering 3D architectural visualisations for residential and commercial properties. Our professional 3D renderings translate architectural plans into realistic all-round internal and external views. Ideal for selling properties off-plan, aiding planning applications or even imagining future developments, our 3D designs are stylish and cost-effective. For an [...]

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Fantastic 15

18 January 2016

Forget your 15 minutes of fame – Spoon Media’s longest-standing clients can now lay claim to 15 years of first-class publicity. Since 2001, Spoon Media has been providing complete promotional packages for discerning customers, working with small to large companies nationwide. From sole traders to international publishers; from simple websites to glossy corporate brochures; from [...]

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CEO dear – job titles to cringe for

9 September 2015

Chief. Executive. Officer. Now, that’s a list of impressive words. Add them all together and you’ve got a phenomenally impressive job title. The type of title that means the prime minister is your assistant and God is your right-hand man. Yep, you must be really important. Oh, hang on. Did we say important? No, that’s [...]

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Get mobile or get gone

11 March 2015

Is your website mobile-friendly? We don’t mean does it give your iPhone a hug. We mean do you have a specific custom-built mobile version of your website, or has your site been made responsive to enable easy access for mobile phones and tablets? Traditionally, websites were designed to be shown on desktop or laptop computers, [...]

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D’ya think thesaurus?

10 March 2015

What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur? If it’s a mono-ocular Mesozoic reptile, we need to talk. English is the greatest language in the world. Bafflingly simple, subtly diverse, built upon layers of meaning and intricate distinctions. As an official language in 80 countries, and unofficially spoken in loads more, you’d be right in calling [...]

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Uh-oh – bad logo

17 February 2015

Good graphic design means memorable images, eye-catching typography and – perhaps most importantly of all – great logos. Logos that grab attention and leave a lasting imprint in the viewer’s mind. A great logo is essential for any business to communicate with customers. It’s absolutely vital to achieve a prominent brand. So if you’re a [...]

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“They found us on Google”

11 February 2015

You’ve built an amazing website. You love it, your client loves it, and customers are flocking in. You’ve got to admit: you’ve done a great job. You’ve created a sharp design, written loads of terrific content and added exactly the right SEO (or whatever we’re calling it these days) to get the site on the [...]

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Killer packaging

19 January 2015

Smoking kills. Yep, it’s pretty obvious. About 100,000 British people die every year from puffing on cancer sticks. That sucks. So when you see a fag packet or tobacco tin wearing the Smoking kills slogan in big, bold lettering, what’s your first thought? Is it, “Oh my God, smoking kills! I didn’t know that! I’d [...]

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Bah humbug!

24 December 2014

Merry Christmas to our friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers and contributors. Thanks for all the help, support and confidence during 2014 – here’s hoping next year is even better. Of course, a Spoon Media blog post wouldn’t be traditional without a bit of a work-related banter, and what better time to be traditional than good old [...]

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We’ve got a cream for that

7 November 2014

Ignore Agatha Christie. Never mind Inspector Morse. No, surely Embarrassing Bodies is the greatest of all TV mysteries. We mean, why on earth would anyone appear on a programme designed to show the world their stinkiest, most hideous maladies? I’ve got a boil on my balls the size of an ostrich egg, and it’s too [...]

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Heavenly Metal

Company profile

Upcycling, urban cool, vintage industrial furniture specialist, dedicated to rummaging around for heavenly finds.

Project information

That swoopy, swanky, mid-century-modern sofa in Spoon Media’s meeting room has a lot to answer for… We simply can’t resist a stylish new project, and when it’s as funky as Heavenly Metal’s steampunk-inspired e-commerce website, we’re passionate about providing trendy proposals that echo this fresh new firm’s achingly cool appearance. If only our design studio looked this chic.

Spoon Media’s services to Heavenly Metal

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Building Chemicals Online

Company profile

Online mail-order building supplies specialist, supplying trade and DIYers with building chemicals at affordable prices.

Project information

If your cellar is leaking in water like a paper umbrella and local builders’ merchants are all a bit useless, you need a reliable mail-order supplier of damp proofing products and tanking slurry. Building Chemicals Online realised a waterproof way to plug holes in its marketing strategy was to enlist the services of Spoon Media. So we built up a trade-strength e-commerce website and laid the foundations for a future household name. A proper grand design!

Spoon Media’s services to Building Chemicals Online

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Guy Robertson Horsemanship

Company profile

Guy Robertson Horsemanship provides training for horse and rider, specialising in behavioural problems and breaking of young horses.

Project information

You know those projects that seem simply perfect? The type that’s surely just made for your company? The sort of work that’s so apt that it seems more like a hobby? Well, when Spoon Media’s creative director Sarah Mortimer happens to be a hippomaniac (that’s an equine obsessive, in case you were wondering), you can imagine how happy she was to design a patriotic new logo for her favourite horse trainer…

Spoon Media’s services to Guy Robertson